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Delhi Metro Map 2023: Stations List (Download PDF)

The Delhi Metro is a rapid transit system serving the National Capital Region of India. Delhi Metro has provided seamless, end-to-end connectivity inside and in neighbouring Gurgaon, Faridabad, and Noida, among other places. the average daily footfall of the Delhi metro had gone to over 28 lakh passengers.

The new map makes it easy to see which stations are connected and how to get to your destination. Operated by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). Delhi Metro Route services generally start at IST 05:30 in the morning and remain operational till 11:30 PM.

Delhi Metro Map

Here is the latest Delhi Metro map 2023 which can be referred while travelling through it.


The Delhi Metro system consists of multiple lines, including the Red Line, Yellow Line, Blue Line, Green Line, Violet Line, Pink Line, and Magenta Line. Each line has different stations that serve different areas of the city, and some lines also connect with other modes of transportation such as bus and train stations.

The DMRC map is regularly updated to reflect changes in the metro system, including the addition of new lines and stations.

Delhi Metro Timings

The Delhi metro is operational on 9 routes and an Airport Express Line. Delhi Metro Route services generally start at IST 05:30 in the morning and remain operational till 11:30 PM. However, there might be a slight variation in the timings of the first train arriving at each station. The Delhi Metro Airport Line starts at 04:45 Am in the morning.

What is the full form of DMRC?

The full form of DMRC Delhi Metro rail Corporation

Does Delhi Metro run 24 hours?

No, Delhi Metro operations start at around 05:00 and end at 23:30.

How many lines are there in Delhi Metro map?

The network consists of 10 colour-coded lines serving 255 stations with a total length of 348.12 kilometres

How many trips are done by Delhi Metro daily?

Delhi metro does over 2700 trips daily.

What are all the rules of Delhi Metro?
  • Stand in Queue.
  • Limit baggage to 25 kg. Not exceeding 80 cm(l) X 50 cm(b) X 30 cm(h)
  • Give way for the Persons. With Disabilities, Sr.
  • Keep Clear. off tactile path.
  • Show your Token/Smart Card. To DMRC Authorized Person.
  • Take Care. of your Valuables.
  • For Assistance Contact.
  • Check your destination.

Which body operates the Delhi metro?

Delhi Metro rail Corporation runs Delhi metro.

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